Steel and fabricated metal structure manufacturer

Steel and fabricated metal structure manufacturer

With the support of a stable and efficient team, Acier Marquis is able to offer high quality products along with a full range of services. In order to keep improving and exceeding expectations, Acier Marquis experts take advantage of training which is ongoing. Whether it is the production of standard or highly complex components, the production team, composed of assemblers and welders (certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau), is committed to completing your project according to pre-established standards and requirements. Acier Marquis boasts a plant with a 20 ton-per-day capacity, offering the equipment and space required for the achievement of your projects.

Steel Structures and Metal Parts Manufacturing in Canada

Structures and parts

Acier Marquis works in partnership with its clients to produce steel parts and structures as well as wrought metals made of both steel, which meet the standards of the industry as well as pre-established plans and specifications.

Relying on the expertise of a team experienced in the manufacturing of parts and assemblies based on plates and linear sections, Acier Marquis has the advantage too of a team working two shifts, to enable flexibility in its production.

Metal Bending in Canada - Steel and Aluminum Bending


Thanks to state-of-the-art industrial equipment and the expertise of its team, Acier Marquis offers an efficient and versatile bending service. The company's equipment fleet includes a 200 t Promecam press brake that is 10 ft wide and equipped with laser protection. Supported by a large network of subcontractors granting access to 1,000 t press brakes which are 20 ft wide, Acier Marquis is able to offer its clients strength and operational flexibility which can meet short timeframes. Acier Marquis also offers custom manufacturing.

Metal Drilling in Canada - Steel and Aluminum Drilling


Acier Marquis has precision drilling equipment which can accurately make the openings required for the erection of steel structures and metallic constructions. Drilling equipment such as the Iron Worker punch press (75 t), the drill press and the magnetic drill are selected based upon the parts requested according to their diameter, thickness and size. Acier Marquis has the equipment required for series drilling as well as mobile equipment for the drilling of large parts.

Metal Cutting in Canada - Laser cutting - Plasma cutting


Acier Marquis provides precisely cut parts, according to your specifications and within your timeframe. Two types of plate cutting are offered: plasma and flame cutting. Those types of plate cutting call upon state-of-the-art equipment. The AutoCAD software makes it possible to draft shapes according to your needs. The robotized HD plasma cutting 3D system with transfer arm lets us maximize the use of the equipment. The flexibility, precision and speed offered by robotized cutting enable reduced handling and significantly increase productivity.

Metal Parts Machining - Steel Structures Machining


Thanks to the digital lathes and the CNC and manual machining centres which are at the disposal of its subcontractors, Acier Marquis has become an expert in the machining of small and large parts. In fact, the machining of parts of all sizes is now possible. Acier Marquis may also rely on other equipment from partners, including turning machines.

Metal Structures Welding in Canada - Aluminum Welding


Acier Marquis is able to carry out certified welding work to meet the requirements of its clientele. Depending on the technical requirements of the desired part and finish, the Acier Marquis experts weld with TIG or MIG for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The company also has a 500 ampere MIG robotized cell. Acier Marquis ensures that its clientele is offered reliable welding which is compliant with the industry's highest standards.

Mechanical Assembly - Steel Parts Assembly

Mechanical assembly

Acier Marquis provides the space, technology and experience of several construction trades, to make possible complex assemblies. Acier Marquis takes care too to verify their proper operations. Thanks to its huge 31,000 ft2 plant on 500,000 ft2 of land, Acier Marquis has the space required for the assembly of large-scale parts. The mechanical installations, trials and application of the finish are carried out in the company's installations in order to reduce transportation costs and delivery delays.

Mechanical Welding of Metal Parts in Canada

Mechanical welding

Acier Marquis offers a mechanical welding service for metallic parts in order to produce metal constructions which are compliant with project specifications. The company has fixed welding stations including 5S panels in addition to mobile welding stations. Our experts use the Metal Core, Flux Core and TIG welding processes. Acier Marquis is able to deliver mechanical welding equipment that is compliant with client requirements.

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