Manufacturer of Steel Parts and Structures in Canada

Acier Marquis, the reference in steel structures

Acier Marquis offers services such as designing, manufacturing, finishing, handling, installation and transportation of steel structures and parts. Backed by solid expertise, this industry leader offers many products such as steel structures, metal framework, steel parts, fabricated metal and various others.

Acier Marquis meets the needs of a clientele from a wide range of fields: energy (biomass, hydroelectricity, industrial heating), foundry, mining and several others.

For more than 30 years, the company has been putting its know-how to work in projects of all sizes throughout Québec and beyond. Do you have a project in mind? Call in the experts.

Structural Steel Design in Canada - Metal Parts Design

Design of steel structures and steel parts

Acier Marquis relies on cutting-edge technology and a seasoned team of professionals to assist you in the design of your steel parts and structures. The company offers engineering services for metal structures, metal framework, and steel or aluminum parts with various finishes. It also specializes in assembly drawings and production plans. Everything is implemented to ensure the impeccable execution of the conceptualization of the structures needed for your projects.

Manufacturing of Steel Structures and Fabricated Metals

Manufacturing of steel structures and fabricated metal

Acier Marquis works in partnership with its customers in order to produce superior quality results within the best possible timeframes. The company offers its customers a comprehensive array of services: welding, cutting (laser cutting, oxy cutting, plasma cutting), bending and piercing of aluminum and steel, machining, mechanical assembly, mechanized welding.

Finishing and Treatment of Metal Surface in Canada

Finishing and treatment of metal surfaces

Acier Marquis is managed by a team of professionals bringing together more than 20 years of experience in metal surface finishing, including sandblasting, painting (epoxy, polyurethane, liquid, zinc and high temperature coating), hot galvanizing, bonding (thermal spraying) and metal coating. The company offers high-quality work and top notch service to appropriately protect your steel parts and structures, in accordance with the highest industry standards and in compliance with environmental safety standards.

Handling of Metal Parts and Structures in Canada

Handling and transportation of steel parts

Acier Marquis has its own fleet of trucks and trailers, which it uses to ensure the transportation and delivery of your metal structures and steel parts in Québec. Deliveries are carried out with care within the shortest possible turnaround times to facilitate operations and reduce project costs.

Installation of Steel Parts and Structures in Canada

Steel structure and steel parts installation

Whatever the nature of your project, Acier Marquis is able to execute it in accordance to your requirements and in conformity with the industry's highest installation and safety standards. To ensure the success of your project, Acier Marquis relies on a network of professional erectors, anywhere in Canada and the United States. You can also count on our experienced sub-contracted personnel (welder-fitter and others).

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