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Personnel subcontracting

Thanks to Acier Marquis' standby teams, it is possible for you to take advantage of our experienced and professional subcontracted personnel in order to manage your project by yourself. That additional service enables you to rely on qualified personnel who have been trained according to occupational health and safety standards and who are environmentally conscious. Acier Marquis teams will be able to respond to your needs, thus ensuring that your timeframes and budget costs are respected.

Competent personnel

Acier Marquis offers you the possibility of dealing with its personnel when you decide to manage your project yourself. Since the company has been relying upon qualified, professional and efficient workers for more than 25 years, you are ensured that first-rate personnel, dedicated to your company's success, are under your command. The Acier Marquis personnel skillfully execute a great variety of tasks.

Support service

The teams trained by Acier Marquis know how to quickly and proactively respond to the requirements of a project. By doing business with our company's personnel, you are sure to be relying on a quick and efficient team that strives to respect the deadline and budget constraints inherent to various types of project. Acier Marquis offers this support service within a short timeframe to support you in carrying out your projects.

Partnership spirit

The personnel support service offered by Acier Marquis enables you to rely upon qualified personnel who have been trained according to occupational health and safety standards. The Acier Marquis standby teams ensure that your work is carried out according to pre-established schedules and may be added to your work force depending on your needs. By offering this service, Acier Marquis pursues its objective of maintaining a spirit of partnership and makes everything available to you in order to guarantee your company's success.

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