Industrial equipment repair - Welding & Mechanical

Industrial equipment repair - Welding & Mechanical

Acier Marquis offers an additional service to its clientele by offering equipment repair. Having all the worksite tools, the repair services include the design, manufacturing, installation and repair of equipment as well as welding and general mechanics services. Acier Marquis is Cognibox certified, since it is dedicated to the improvement of its productivity.

Industrial Equipement Repair in Canada - Metal Welding

Exceptional service

Still aiming at guaranteeing its clientele's satisfaction, Acier Marquis offers equipment repair as an additional service. In order to facilitate your worksite operations, Acier Marquis can assist you in the repair of some equipment and thus free you from unnecessary workload or constraints. By offering back-up repair service, Acier Marquis helps keep to the timelines and schedules of your projects.

Major savings

Acier Marquis has an entire range of worksite tools to enable the company to offer a cutting-edge repair service with regard to the manufacturing, installation and assembly of your equipment. Relying on the experience of qualified and proactive personnel, Acier Marquis can help you to save time by carrying out your back-up repairs. By avoiding unnecessary movements and handling of large manufactured steel parts, Acier Marquis helps you make savings.


Acier Marquis has Cognibox certification which demonstrates its dedication to the productivity of both the company and its clientele. By having Cognibox certification, Acier Marquis ensures that the quality and precision of all the stages of your project are respected by submitting the requirements agreed upon with you to its entire production line and its subcontractors. The sharing of information and desire for transparency promoted by Acier Marquis guarantee the success of your projects.

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