Industrial office rental

Industrial office rental

Offered as part of a service agreement, office rental is dedicated to Acier Marquis' clientele to enables clients to benefit from practical and comfortable space which provides access to basic equipment. Industrial premises are also accessible to the clientele during a project requiring Acier Marquis employees, to enable assembly, surface preparation and painting under the same roof. Acier Marquis ensures transparency and openness to its clientele by facilitating the inspection and monitoring of its work by its clients or their representatives.


Acier Marquis makes rented offices available to its clients in the course of a project involving some of its employees. These offices enable the Acier Marquis clientele to closely monitor the ongoing work in a spirit of openness and partnership. The company is happy that its clientele is directly involved in the operations and can regularly carry out inspection work on location at every stage from design to production. Acier Marquis has always demonstrated an interest for transparency in order to ensure quality and precision.

High quality equipment

The offices available to Acier Marquis' clientele in the course of a service agreement are state of the art and offer all the necessary comfort during the ongoing work. Offices are equipped with landline telephones, have Wi-Fi internet access and are air conditioned.

Acier Marquis employees may also, on the client's behalf, carry out work on industrial premises. They can therefore proceed with the assembly, surface preparation and painting under the same roof.

Expertise at your service

Acier Marquis' expertise in the field of steel manufacturing has been acquired since 1986. The company is able to understand the requirements linked to the operations of large worksites and wishes to cooperate with its clientele in order to successfully manage projects. For this reason, the company facilitates the inspection and supervision of work carried out by its clientele and their representatives. Supported by proactive personnel, Acier Marquis is able to quickly meet its clientele's demands and requirements.

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