Finishing and Treatment of Metal Surface in Canada

Finishing and Treatment of Metal Surface

Thanks to the expertise of its professional teams, Acier Marquis offers high quality finishing services. Sandblasting, painting, hot galvanizing, bonding and metal coating are techniques mastered by our experts which meet the industry's highest quality standards in order to preserve your steel parts and structures in the long term.

Sandblasting in Canada - Metal Surface Sanding


Acier Marquis offers a surface preparation service according to SSPC standards while respecting the environment. The sand used is recovered and treated in order to eliminate heavy materials and then it is recycled. Sandblasting makes possible the elimination of impurities in order for the parts to be free from grease, rust, etc., so as to offer optimal adherence and ensure high quality coating. Moreover, Acier Marquis has equipment for the sanding of large parts.

Steel Painting in Canada - Industrial Painting Booth


The assembly, surface preparation and the application of paint can be carried out under the same roof, thanks to our 20 ft x 120 ft painting room, which contains 2 overhead cranes. In order to protect the equipment parts delivered to its clients, Acier Marquis ensures the quality of handling and packaging during the transportation of metallic parts. The paint offers sustainable protection to industrial parts and our company is able to apply various types of coating such as: primer, epoxy, polyurethane, zinc painting and high-temperature resistant paint. The company's painting room is also available for rental to its clientele.

Hot-Dip Galvanization in Canada - Structures and Parts

Hot galvanizing

Acier Marquis offers a hot galvanizing service, which gives high resistance to metal constructions over time. This high-technology protection process means minimum maintenance of your surfaces due to the durability of galvanized steel. Taking advantage of the support of a trusted subcontractor and respecting the highest technical requirements, Acier Marquis is able to manage large galvanizing volumes and to offer competitive prices to its clientele.

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